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Whitening Services


Actual patients

Whitening procedures vary in approaches to treatment. Do you want to have a bright smile for a special big event coming up? Do you feel you would not have time or be disciplined enough to incorporate at-home treatments?

In-office procedures have the advantage of using higher concentrations of whitening agents which can produce the maximum effect in a minimum amount of time.  If you have darker color tones to your teeth, you may see an advantage of doing an in-office "power whitening" to give you an incredible immediate result.  You can then continue to lighten the teeth further at home with home whitening products which are included with both of our in-office whitening treatment options.

At-home products are included with both our 1-hour and 20-minute professional whitening treatments.   The at-home products can further the progress of the whitening process to its maximum whitening effectiveness.  Custom Dental trays can also be made specifically for your at-home use.

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