White Fillings (Composites)

Because composite fillings are able to closely match the appearance of natural tooth enamel, Dr. Nelson will usually recommend this treatment for teeth that are in the front or another visible portion of the mouth. In addition, composite fillings also offer the following benefits:

  • Versatility – composite fillings can be used to restore worn or disfigured teeth as well as cavities

  • Support – composite fillings are able to chemically bond to the teeth, providing additional support that cannot be had with metal fillings

  • Preservation of tooth structure – In order to place composite fillings, less tooth structure needs to be removed than with traditional fillings.

Unlike silver amalgam fillings, composite fillings do not require the extensive drilling for placement.  The white fillings (composites) can be more conservative by reducing the size of the cavity preparation.  The composite filling with its adhesive bond, allows for what is known as "minimally invasive" treatment.  

Composite fillings are a great cosmetic solution for tooth repair. For more information, contact the office of Dr. Nelson.

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