Top 5 Reasons for Dental Implants

Your tooth has cracked down through the root! Dr. Nelson explains it cannot be saved! What should you do? This scenario is one of many which can lead to the loss of a tooth. Thankfully, there are excellent options to restore your mouth. In the past, only options such as a partial denture or a bridge were available. Over the last 25 years, implants have become one of the most viable treatments to replace natural teeth. In the United States alone, there is an estimated 500,000 dental implants placed each year.

What are some of the reasons for a dental implant? Here are five top reasons for choosing a dental implant:

1. Restore the Natural Function of Your Bite- When a tooth is lost, other teeth in the mouth may have to compensate for the lost biting function of the missing tooth. This can cause stress on the adjacent teeth and may, over time, create an uncomfortable or painful change with your bite or “occlusion”.

2. Prevent Teeth from Shifting- Replacing a missing tooth with an implant can prevent other teeth from drifting and tilting into the vacant space. This can also create potential gum infection when plaque/bacteria trap in these difficult to clean areas and also potential bone loss.

3. Maintain Healthy Jawbone- When an implant replaces a lost tooth, the implant helps to stimulate the bone in the jaw (mandible or maxilla). Bone cells are activated and integrate with the titanium implant to keep the jawbone vital. If a missing tooth is not replaced, the jawbone tends to atrophy in the surrounding area and could cause premature aging.

4. Improve Cosmetic Appearance- Implants can replace single or multiple teeth and look natural. Because they integrate into the bone, they can last a lifetime when properly maintained and do not come out.

5. Maintain a Healthy Smile- If a tooth is not replaced, shifting teeth may create potential gum infection when plaque/bacteria trap in these difficult to clean areas and also potential bone loss. Implants are easy to brush and can be cleaned by curving and scrubbing the dental floss around the base of the implant- similarly to a natural tooth.

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