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Updated: Jan 4, 2022

We are seeing many recent changes in dental insurance coverage.  Many dental plans are lowering yearly maximums, excluding more procedures, and paying less. In many cases, you may now be paying more for your premiums and deductible than the benefits you are receiving.  It is always wise to know your benefits and to use them to their fullest.  If you have any questions about a new insurance plan, give Paula a call at our office so we can help you make the best dental insurance decision.  As always, we diagnose dental conditions based on maintaining optimal dental health.  We do not diagnose treatment based on your insurance benefits.

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Important things to know about your insurance are:

1.  Deductible amount (the amount per year you pay out of pocket before your insurance pays for any services) 2.  Yearly Maximum (the most money that the dental insurance company pays within 1 full year)        3.  Premiums (the amount you pay per month for your dental insurance)  4.  Coverage levels for various procedures (some plans may pay less percentage toward certain categories of treatment (examples:  Preventive/Diagnostic, Basic, Major)                                                                                                                                                           USE YOUR BENEFITS EACH YEAR!    Not fully utilizing your benefits is like throwing money away!  We will always help you to better understand your benefits, but please take the time to review any documentation sent to you by your carrier.

Some insurance carriers allow a third dental cleaning option for persons who have had two cleanings during the current benefit period and who:   1) have diabetes 2) cancer treatments (chemo and radiation) 3) are in third trimester of pregnancy 4) autoimmune disease.    Benefits will be expanded for members who have any of these conditions and document this with your insurance carrier.

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