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FAQ : "Is it Better to Floss Before or After I Brush?"

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

A common question we get asked is "Which is better - to floss and then brush, or to brush and then floss?"

A poll on showed close results when they asked readers when they flossed.  53% of readers flossed after they brushed, and 47% said they flossed before brushing.

Flossing teeth pic

The answer is ... EITHER, as long as your are flossing at least once a day!  The key is to get that mechanical action to remove the plaque and disrupt the bacteria layer on the teeth before it can irritate the gums and before it turns into hardened tartar (aka "calculus").  

Flossers and other tiny brushes (such as "Go-Betweens" or Soft-Picks) are an option to clean between the teeth for those who have difficulty with regular floss.

We would love to help you with flossing tips and any other dental care needs - Contact us here!

Happy Flossing! Dr. Bruce Nelson and Staff

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